From its humble beginnings not long ago in 2008 when the chapter was officially rechartered, the Zeta Phi chapter at New Mexico State University has quickly flourished into one of the strongest chapters within the NMSU Greek community.

The Zeta Phi chapter truly embraces diversity by striving for membership rooted in “different temperaments, talents and convictions.”  The chapter encourages individual dedication to leadership, scholarship and community service to enhance the collective value of the Sigma Chi experience.

Undergraduates who make the decision to join Sigma Chi are not relegated to insignificant roles merely by status as a pledge or new initiate.  New members who show the drive, critical thinking and creativity to succeed can hold elected positions of leadership right away.  The chapter also provides each pledge class the opportunity to establish its own executive team exclusive to its own pledge class, giving the newest members the opportunity to serve in leadership roles.

The Zeta Phi chapter does not settle when finding potential members who live up to the fundamental values of Sigma Chi.  The Zeta Phi chapter seeks men of good character, who are students of fair ability, with ambitious purposes, a congenial disposition, possessed of good morales, and have a high sense of honor and a deep sense of personal responsibility.  It is the hope of the Zeta Phi chapter its members believe in fairness, decency and good manners.  The Zeta Phi chapter strives to provide its members with an environment of friendship and brotherhood where brotherhood among members of different temperaments, talents and convictions all believing in a single ideal is superior to brotherhood among members of the same temperaments, talents and convictions.

The ability of the Zeta Phi chapter to live up to the lofty expectations Sigma Chi expects its members to uphold has led to a multitude of honors and awards that exemplify chapter excellence.  The Zeta Phi chapter is a regular recipient of the President’s Cup of Excellence, a NMSU Greek community honor bestowed upon the fraternity who displays the best overall quality of chapter operations and purpose.  The Zeta Phi chapter has also positioned itself as a reoccurring recipient of the Peterson Significant Chapter Award.  The Peterson Award is one of the highest honors the Sigma Chi Fraternity can give a chapter, for it evaluates a chapter’s ability to live up to the purpose and values of Sigma Chi.

There is not a better time to become a member of the Zeta Phi chapter of the Sigma Chi Fraternity.  The chapter is an innovative campus leader, constantly implementing change to give new and improved meaning to fraternity life in 2015.  The Zeta Phi chapter strives to enhance the college experience of every member.  Don’t let this opportunity for personal growth and a greater sense of purpose pass you by.

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