Chapter House


The Zeta Phi chapter house is located at 600 Greek Complex, right in the heart of Greek Row.  Three other fraternities and two other sororities also occupy the Greek Row complex.

The Zeta Phi house is also situated in the center of many of the athletic facilities.  Residents of the northern block of the house have a window's view of left field for the NMSU Aggies' baseball team.  The football field is right around the corner, as well as the NMSU Tennis Complex.  The intramural fields are a minute's walk away, giving housing residents convenient access for all intramural events.

The Corbett Student Union Center and the Activity Center are both less than five minutes away. A short walk will also bring housing residents to many of the vital walkways for classes across campus.


House Features

There are 36 rooms are available for active brothers and executive members. The common area has a comfortable living room with a 62 inch flat screen tv, spacious couches, two bathrooms and a dining table. For residents who need a quiet place to study but would rather not walk to the library, the “Friendship, Justice, and Learning” room is available for study, executive and committee meetings, and relaxation and is also available for all members. In addition, there is a large game room area with a ping pong table  and a full-size pool table.  There is also a full-size kitchen with an oversized freezer and refrigerator, stove, oven, and 3-compartment sink. Outside there is a large courtyard, equipped with a basketball court, which is an area commonly used for brotherhood, recruitment, and social events.   

One of the best features of living in the house is no roommate!  All members receive their own room, and share a bathroom with just one person.  You have the option to live upstairs or downstairs, so the hassle of stairs is as minimal as can be.  All quads receive both air conditioning and heat.

Regardless if you stay in a particular room or move around from year-to-year, one of the most rewarding aspects of the chapter house is the bond you develop with suite mates.  The convenience of living on campus while enjoying superior amenities and privacy, all while living with people who you share a strong friendship with is an experience you can't miss. 

Below is a list of some of the significant amenities: 

  • Free internet and cable
  • Full-sized kitchen
  • Study room
  • Entertainment facilities (courtyard, game room)
  • Personal room
  • On-site laundry
  • Bathroom, shared with one other person


Rates for living in the house are subject to change as determined by the NMSU Housing Department.  Click here for details about housing rates.

Housing Incentive


The Greek Housing Office instituted a great policy for the chapter to receive money for housing improvements through an incentive program that emphasizes cleanliness and upkeep.

Incentive money is also determined by housing occupancy.  The more full the chapter house becomes, the more money the chapter receives to maintain or upgrade various facilities of the house.  If the chapter retains a high occupancy and consistently passes housing inspections, the chapter will receive money from the Greek Housing Office for upgrades to whatever the chapter desires (after approval from the housing office).

The incentive money has allowed the chapter to install new kitchen appliances, new common room furniture, tile, lighting, paint jobs, courtyard upkeep, and many other improvements.

By living in the house, you will have the opportunity to contribute to build an enjoyable house worth living in!

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