After spending some time away from the campus of New Mexico State University, the Zeta Phi chapter of the Sigma Chi Fraternity was chartered in 2008.  Since then, the Zeta Phi chapter has quickly flourished into one of the most dedicated, diverse and successful chapters within the NMSU Greek Life community.

The chapter would not be where it is today without the perseverance and dedication from previous actives who are now alumni.  Contribution towards the Zeta Phi chapter does not end with active membership.  Becoming an alumni of the Sigma Chi Fraternity opens members up to a new network while retaining the strongest bonds of brotherhood developed during active membership.  Alumni have the opportunity to contribute to the sustained success of the Zeta Phi chapter by providing donations, mentorship, professional services and advice.

The history of the Zeta Phi chapter of the Sigma Chi Fraternity paints a picture of a small group of men who wanted to resurrect an institution of brotherhood that gives undergraduate men an opportunity to serve community while adhering to the values of friendship, justice and learning.  As colorful as the history has already become, there are many more chapters ahead.  Alumni of the Zeta Phi chapter are very much apart of that history.  Help us continue to write that history. 

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