Alumni Directory

Name Profession Graduation date Current City of Residence
Cody Johnson Marketing Coordinator – Dickson Commercial Group 5/1/2013 Reno, NV
Brenner Thome Ratheon 12/1/2014 Tucson, AZ
Marcos Guzman Coordinator of Greek Life – University of Arizona 5/1/2013 Tucson, AZ
Tyler Lengal Data Analyst – General Motors Austin, TX
Steven Gregory Houston, TX
Stephen Montoya Banking Officer – FirstBank 5/1/2013 Denver, CO
Andrew Medina Management Trainee – Pool Corp 5/1/2015 Phoenix, AZ
Donovan Best Yellowstone, MT
Ian Wolf Las Cruces, NM
Thomas Anderson Insurance Specialist – Gibraltar Group Dallas, TX
Josh Brown Austin, TX
Terry Boyle Gilbert, AZ
William Caisido San Diego, CA
Chase Cavin Denver, CO
Benjamin Knorr Human Resources Manager – Radisson Hotel and Suites Austin, TX
Scott Gary Management Assistant – Enterprise Holdings Austin, TX
Anthony Vega Dallas, TX
Joe Vigil Las Cruces, NM
Brody Wilson Denver, CO
Christopher Vatuone Phoenix, AZ
Dave Mangan Las Cruces, NM
Jon Schultz Austin, TX
Federico Lastra Ironbound Intermodal Newark, NJ
Jasen Kershaw  Juvenile Correction Officer  12/1/2014 Las Cruces, NM
Shawn Rogers Texas Instruments Dallas, TX
Jesse Akers Las Cruces, NM
Trenton Guthrie Las Cruces, NM
Glen Cheng Ruidoso, NM
David Jinks Lead Operator – AggieVision Las Cruces, NM
Cory Sicard PhD Candidate – Jac Nickoloff’s Radiation Biology Lab Fort Collins, CO
Ernest Carlson IV  Account Manager – Danos  12/11/2010 Carlsbad, NM
Bluto Bukowski  Auto Body Technician Colorado Springs, CO
Wayne Ward Las Cruces, NM
Brys Brastad Las Cruces, NM
Guy Shaefer Financial Adivsor – Edward Jones Globe, AZ
Adam Thompson Credit Analyst – Century Bank Albuquerque, NM
Bjorn Brastad Tempe, AZ
Mike Lowinske Las Cruces, NM
Ernest Carlson III Vice President – Constructors Inc. Carlsbad, NM

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